Our Economic Approach

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Delivering excellence

Lyreco is built around a core model based on excellence of

We are committed to delivering excellent service to our customers through our sales force, logistics, distribution and customer service departments. This means
working to exceed all the internal targets that we have in place in our business, on a monthly basis.

We work on many Key Performance Indicators ranging from non-delivered ratio through to the number of credit notes raised. Some indicators are reviewed daily, whilst others are reviewed monthly during the Senior Management Team meetings.
The Group then analyses an overview document to ensure a quality performance across each subsidiary.  

Our ISO 9001 certified management system ensures that we monitor and measure indicators impacting the quality experienced by customers; whilst
setting targets to continually improve our performance.

In each subsidiary, a Quality, Security & Environmental Manager is employed at Senior Management Team level to ensure challenge and follow up on any indicator that is not at the targeted level, and to ensure all subsidiaries are certified to ISO 9001.  
Using feedback methods such as the annual customer satisfaction survey we are able to implement action plans to rectify any issues arising and spot trends as they start to form.

Excellence is one of the four key values at Lyreco; fanatical attention to detail makes our service best in class.

Working ethically


Our employees and suppliers are required never to accept illegal or unethical
practices in our organisation. 

In early 2010 Lyreco launched a new policy for employees and suppliers, titled ‘Code of Ethics’.

The aim of the Chief Executive Officer is to ensure that all employees within Lyreco group understand the importance of operating ethically in all their business relationships.

The Supplier Code of Ethics outlines the same practices, ensuring that our suppliers commit to our values within their supply chains and when working with Lyreco, to ensure that employees are not placed in compromising situations.

The policy was communicated directly to the Senior Management Team of each subsidiary. The communication outlined the importance of the principles included in the Code of Ethics and required a follow up plan for every employee to be made aware of the content. Each employee was required to read and sign the Code of Ethics. New employees of Lyreco are required to sign the Code as part of their pre-employment documentation.

In order to ensure the application at each step of our business process, a set of procedures and forms were created to support the policy.
Those who deal with purchasing follow the procedures when tendering for catalogue product suppliers and for in-house products and services. By working this way we are able to audit application of the Code of Ethics for each and every tender. An audit is carried out by local Quality, Security & Environment
auditors, who are trained auditors. 

Application of the Code of Ethics for suppliers is particularly important. Lyreco group commits to the application of International Labour Organisation principles through the signature of the UN Global Compact. These principles are reflected in the Supplier Code of Ethics and help to provide a basis for working with suppliers who are as committed as Lyreco to Human Rights; Environment and Legal Compliance in every country in which we or our suppliers operate. 

Electronic trading

our economic actions

Electronic procurement is also key to sustainability.

Over the next five years we aim to move as much paper-based information as possible to electronic forms (both sent to and received from customers).
We offer a range of solutions from fully-integrated systems through to dedicated electronic and static catalogues.

Our aim, with all of these projects, is to reduce the amount of paper and energy used.

Providing solutions

our community actions


Assisting customers to meet their internal sustainability goals is key to Lyreco’s proposition. We provide a range of solutions including toner collection, recycling and carbon footprint calculation (depending on the country). We pride ourselves on offering a range of products with improved sustainability credentials such as Fair Trade, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), recycled, recyclable and so on.
Management Information based on your spend on these types of products can be provided in order to evidence supply chain or procurement compliance to internal policies.

Lyreco Sales People are trained to find solutions on all aspects of customers' needs, from the correct type of invoicing solution through to scheduled orders and desk-top delivery. 

In providing a wide range of services and products
for business, we are able to reduce carbon
footprints and optimise uptake of sustainable products.

Supplier relationships

our economic actions

Our employees and suppliers are required never to accept
illegal or unethical practices in our organisation. 

At Lyreco we recognise that the way we handle our business relationships has a direct influence on our business performance.
At Group Level, our common product range is negotiated, managed and contracted by our Marketing Executives, accounting for around 70% of the products in the catalogues of each subsidiary.
At a local level our Product Managers select, negotiate and contract the remaining 30%. They also manage the relationships with the suppliers locally to ensure that the needs of our markets are specifically taken into account. Our teams regularly review our range to ensure our catalogue products meet our customers' needs, whilst also providing customers the facility to source special items.

Becoming a supplier to Lyreco is not easy. We make commitments to our customers on consistent
product quality, competitive prices and stock availability, therefore our supply base has to be able to guarantee the same commitments to Lyreco. 

Supplier Code of Ethics:
In early 2010, to assist in ensuring an ethical relationship with our suppliers, Lyreco introduced the Supplier Code of Ethics. The code defines appropriate and inappropriate behaviours between Lyreco and our supply base; it has to be signed before any supplier can enter into a tender with us and must also be referenced in any contract signed.

Throughout this process, Lyreco expresses its commitment to working with a supply base which is also committed to:
  • working within the law in all the countries in which they operate;
  • upholding human rights including:
    • banning all forms of forced or bonded compulsory labour;
    • no use of child labour;
    • fighting  discrimination in respect of employment and occupation;
  • Safe and legal employment practices.

We have a common assessment tool across the Group, in the form of the Supplier Performance Improvement Programme (SPIP). It is conducted annually and takes into account whether or not the supplier has ISO14001 certification and a variety of other performance indicators ranging from logistics to regularity of invoicing. The results of the SPIP audit are provided to suppliers as areas of improvement. Those who fall into the bottom category face being removed from our supply base if they fail to improve their performance the following year, whilst suppliers who exceed are recognised and rewarded.  

Substainable procurement

our economic actions

Sustainable procurement has been high on the Lyreco agenda for some time, as we’re dedicated to anticipate the needs of our customer base.

For us, it takes a dual focus:

  • Goods for sale to our customers, sourced from our global supply base
  • Goods and services for use in-house

When we purchase, we expect and give preference to suppliers who bring environmental credentials for their products or services. We ensure this commitment to a range of social demands by asking our suppliers to sign the Supplier Code of Ethics. In Australia, we request copies of suppliers' environmental certifications, such as FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council), Blue Angel or GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia). Before a product is awarded a Green Tree denoting its environmental credibility, Lyreco must cite the corresponding credentials.

This process is supported by a set of procedures that sit within our Integrated Management System; ensuring that tenders are carried out regularly and that sustainability is built in as an essential element, as well as quality and price.
The entire process is audited both by our local audit teams within the subsidiaries and also by Group Finance.
To this end we have achieved a range of 700 products in our international common range with an
environmental credential and many others which are Fair Trade. Locally, the range of green products from 2011 to 2012 has been actively increased by over 30 percent with an aim to continue increasing that range by a minimum of 10 percent per year.

We also choose suppliers who have management systems certified to ISO14001 standard wherever possible; or who have equivalent systems in place and can demonstrate a commitment to environmental impact reduction.

Our range of Lyreco branded products is from factories which are audited annually by a trained social auditor. This has recently led to the publication of a ‘Sustainable Procurement Policy’ documenting this area of our work. 

Goods and services for use in-house could be overlooked in a business with so many products for sale, but this is not the case in Lyreco.
The use of the set of tender documents means that sustainability can be taken into account and
documented in a ‘contracts database’ where the value of ‘sustainable spend’ can also be evaluated.
Moving forward this will become a KPI for Lyreco. 

Key procurement staff are trained on how they might add value to their tendering by asking suppliers a range of questions which cover their credentials; packaging reduction; eco-design,
environmental policy etc.
All contracts are now being documented and the ‘sustainable spend’ will be recorded and available for audit.  

Financial integrity

our economic actions

As a private group, Lyreco takes pride in providing the highest standard of transparency and reliability for our stakeholders.

This is achieved through the use of a common accounting platform, allowing Group access to all the accounting entries made by each subsidiary from Head Office.

Every subsidiary is subject to regular audits from Group Head Office to ensure compliance to financial procedures, and an external body who is excluded from any consulting function within the Group conducts audits at a local level to ensure legislative compliance.  

Common platform

our economic actions

The Lyreco Group approach ensures our customers benefit from:
  • Expert product sourcing
  • Global buying power
  • Financial security and stability
  • Group expertise and knowledge
  • Single IT platform worldwide
  • Unified management systems certified to ISO14001 and ISO9001,
    integrated with Health & Safety to the level of OHSAS 18001
  • Local knowledge, support and service
  • CEO commitment to UN Global Compact

Expert product sourcing and professional account management are underpinned by a group logistics model of both warehousing and distribution.
This enables us to provide a first class service which is the envy of our industry.
We operate through a model of National Distribution Centres; distributing to Regional Distribution Centres in some countries.

We pride ourselves on using real people not technology to answer calls; these people are employed by Lyreco locally exclusively for our call centres. 
Lyreco's sales force is one of the largest in the industry; worldwide, some 5,000 individuals are dedicated to providing the highest standards of account management.
Our account base is specialised into specific sectors to ensure our customers are offered the very best account management resources and solutions aligned to their specific needs.

Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS)


“Delight our customers & be proud of what we do” is part of our
mission statement and is closely aligned to our long-term
commitment to providing a quality customer service through
adherence to the ISO9001 Quality Standard.

The Customer Satisfaction Survey, performed in all subsidiaries, is one of a number of measures used to gauge our performance from our customers' perspective. We also log, resolve and report on complaints daily, and use feedback from customers and employees alike to resolve issues and improve our standards.  

The Survey :
On an annual basis, we organise a survey through an independent third party. The Group provides a list of random customers who have purchased from Lyreco within the previous four weeks; along with a questionnaire. The survey is carried out either by telephone or online, and customers' answers are logged into a survey database. The results are then analysed to provide a detailed, weighted breakdown of satisfaction levels surrounding Lyreco's various services. In order to make the survey more useful, any negative scores are recorded with commentary to provide context and enable actions once the results are finalised.

The Survey content covers all sections of our offering from product quality to how often our representatives visit; the usefulness of our website to the way in which incidents are resolved and the behaviour of our delivery drivers as well as the content of our catalogue. 

On completion of the survey, any area identified as needing improvement prompts us to create an action plan with key departments to ensure an upgrade to our service which will result in an improved score in the following year.

Group Business Brochure (GBB)


Key Performance Indicators and budgets are the foundation of a structured and profitable business.

Lyreco’s Group Business Brochure (GBB) summarises the performance of every subsidiary at every level from sales performance through to the speed at which telephone calls are answered in our Customer Service department.
Lyreco's GBB reporting has been described at the Group level by our external ISO 9001 auditor as: “the best they have ever seen”. 

At a local level all subsidiaries produce a GBB monthly to be reviewed at the Senior Management Team meeting.
Each department head is responsible for the quality and achievement of their KPIs; whilst the Quality, Security & Environment Manager challenges them and organises cross-functional projects to ensure that KPIs in any area of under-performance are met. 

Through reporting at this level Lyreco is able to boast excellent service levels from deliveries, accuracy of picking, speed at which enquiries are dealt with and so on. These performance indicators measure our success from a customer's perspective, ensuring that we remain the reference in our industry. WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTOR OF OFFICE PRODUCTS - LYRECO - Building A1, 2 Unwin Street, Rosehill NSW 2142 Australia
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