How are we assessed by our certification body?

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Assessment of our certification body

Each Lyreco country is audited once a year by a worldwide and independent consultancy company (SGS), that uses ISO / International Quality & Environmental standards to do so.

In addition to the overall evaluation, those audits contribute to point out possible Opportunities for Improvements.

Benelux - February 2016

Extract of the audit report made by SGS

"A continuous improvement mind is present in all the organization.
A GAP Analysis regarding the versions 2015 of the norm is planned on group’s level. This will be used to adapt the global and local management systems. A SWOT analysis is already available for some of the process."

WISE – May 2016

Highlights of the audit report made by SGS:

"Communication at Head Office is to a very good standard with visual displays of projects (solar panel display screen, eco garden).
Attitude of staff very positive and welcoming.
Noted continuous improvement projects and achievements including: solar panel project, 96% customer satisfaction and development of electronic POD.
The RDC's are well managed and model of RDC is replicated at all sites."

Finland - September 2016

Extract of the audit report made by SGS:

"Customer satisfaction is very high.
Reduction of post-delivery lines has been excellent job.
Stretching roll line in warehouse is a brilliant idea." WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTOR OF OFFICE PRODUCTS - LYRECO - Building A1, 2 Unwin Street, Rosehill NSW 2142 Australia
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